Plant diversity and evolution, Fall 2015, Lecture & lab course

microscope_lightWe explored plant evolutionary history, focusing on some of the most important lineages across acrogymnosperms, basal angiosperms, monocots, and eudicots. We discussed basic phylogenetic methods in the context of plant traits and morphology. In the lab associated with this course, we dissected a wide variety of plants, went on field trips, and ate lots of amazing food related to the plant groups of the week! As TF, I met with students, assisted in the lab, and graded exams and papers.

Evolution, Spring 2015, Lecture & discussion section

snakesWe covered the basics of evolutionary theory, focusing on population genetics and life history evolution. As TF, I ran discussion sections, met with students, and graded exams, homework, and final papers.


Functional traits in evolution, Spring 2014, Lab course

microscope_shotAn introductory course on the diversity of life, each week we dissected new organisms, from bacteria to insects, fish, birds, mammals, and plants. Once spring had arrived, we went out to Sleeping Giant to assess invertebrate diversity in a stream there. As TF, I ran each week’s lab section, designed and administered quizzes and lab reports, and graded.